Dear Magazine Editors,

Please understand that if you want fine crafters to send treasures to you for review, that asking for a credit card # to put on hold is now part of our policy.



Unlike many other products that you’re accustomed to reviewing, they are not shipped in bulk over in a container from China. As fine crafters, our products are handcrafted one at a time.

Please don’t get upset.

We don’t have a warehouse full of the same product to replace it with -much less a warehouse to speak of.

You may not be aware that I’ve had too many thefts under the guise of ‘review’ to count. Most of my pain comes from bloggers who want to review the product with promises of publishing is never seen. They get free stuff by asking nicely and exploiting naive expectations from anyone who will grant them their wishes. After all, a promise is a promise.  If asked nicely, a fine crafter will excitedly turn over a treasure that took hours, perhaps days to craft in hopes of a lovely review.

You need to know: I’ve lost thousands of dollars of inventory in hopes of getting exposure, notice, or a nice review.Same goes for charities who ask for swag for grab bags.

No thank you notes, no hits on the Web site, no exposure.

Zip diddley.

Another key factor is that this policy is to ensure respect for the time we invest in our products and for the treasure itself.

Fine crafters guard their work like children. As a course of business, we intend to sell it once it returns to us. No customer wants a product that looks like its been manhandled and abused. Would you?

Thanks for understanding.


Lisa & Andrew

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