You Ask, We Listen

Many folks have walked into our shop, inhaled the heady scent of leather, walked around the table only to stroke our bags like pets. We love watching you do this!

Meanwhile, when you ask, we listen.
It’s true! We love talking with you about how we work together and this is no different. Many of you encourage us to expand our product line with bags styles you love -thank you for doing this!

Meet Your New Stockholm Satchel
So this season, we’re bringing the Stockholm Satchel to you. We’re providing variations on a theme to give you options exactly the way you want.

The Stockholm Satchel begins with a simple one pocket design for the main compartment and a small front pocket that helps to latch the flap. Don’t you love how Lisa’s calligraphic design graces the front? It just gives me thrills and chills.

If you want to add a separator within the large pocket, we can do that too. The bags come with a long leather shoulder strap (~25″ inch strap) for comfort.

Additionally, we have the Stockholm Satchel featuring the large pocket and a large zipper divider within. We will photograph that feature as soon as humanely possible.

The bag featured above comes with a leather crossbody strap long enough (~48″ inch strap) for the tallest woman on planet Earth. For the rest of you aliens, you will need to contact us for special assistance.

We enjoyed showing off the new satchels at ACC in Baltimore this month. The blue and tan was immediately coveted by an enthusiastic fan who clutched it close to her body like a small child as she waited to pay. I couldn’t help grin ear to ear as I was helping other customers before I was able to assist her.

Another customer came along and just adored the black croc above as though it was the second coming. This was another moment when I grinned ear to ear listening as she raved,

“This is a beauty! It’s gorgeous, well made, perfect in size and in every way!”

Thanks, Barbara!!!

And for all of you who stopped by to make a purchase or just to say hello, thank you! We are grateful that we have adoring fans like you to keep us going.

Thanks so much for your continued support in our small business.
Lisa & Andrew

PS. We’ve got some interesting developments happening (using SquareUp) with our online shop that you might want know.

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