Announcement! Announcement! Lisa introduces new silk scarves featuring new Calligraphic Carolina design.

This new design was selected as a finalist for Raleigh’s 2015 AOTM (Art on the Move) public art installation as bus wraps. This year you’ll see it travelling downtown Raleigh!


This is the design for the City of Raleigh bus wrap.

I love the design so much that I thought it would look terrific as a lovely silk scarf.

Because this is my first silk scarf, I felt the need to reformat the composition so that it would be gorgeous art to wear… on the move. See what I did there? 😉

The calligraphic landscape highlights North Carolina from mountains to the coastline. Many NC icons can be found within include a lighthouse, an acorn (Raleigh’s icon), table rock, & grandfather mountain. Gorgeous ocean colors of blue, greens, teals, & golds fill the 8″ x 42″ hand stitched silk scarf.

Tumbling acorn below.



Lighthouse inspired by Bodie



Tumbling sea shell.


The full enchilada!

I’m going to make them a Limited edition, please pre-order yours. Also, I will be showcasing a sample silk scarf at Artsplosure (Booth A-19) next week, so you can see the gorgeousness in all its glory!!

Thank you so much for your support!


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