Want to add a little boho to your life?

I’ve just come up with a new design: the MarrakechStar.


Initially, I’ve created a new coaster (great hostess gift!) in a square format -generous size for cuppa coffee or wine bottle. This will be available in a variety of colors and monogramming! Oh, imagine that! I may even go to the extreme and hand paint elements to look like a ceramic tile brought back from a long adventure!

MarrakechStar Coaster

Also crafted, a set of medallion earrings dangling from long silver kidney wire -great for that new boho outfit!

MarrakechStar Leather Earrings

Oh! The drama!

MarrakechStar Earring Drama


And the lovely MarrakechStar Medallion Pendant highlighted by a Swarovski Crystal and sterling silver bail.


Also, I have a keyfob in the making. It’s on the bench drying and I’ll have that tomorrow.

What other products do you see this star place? Would love to hear your ideas!

Lisa & Andrew


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