During this holiday season, Andrew and I wish you the brightest of years.


As we’re spending our days up to our elbows in packing material, chaos, and cats getting ready for the big move next year, we hope you are where you want to be right now. Whether you’re with family, friends, or perhaps enjoying a quiet solitude away from the hustle and bustle.

I know after some back breaking work of packing up books, supplies, and then trucking them off in our daily deliveries to the storage unit, we’ll open a bottle of special wine and watch the annual Doctor Who Special tonight. Tomorrow we’ll repeat this all over again (minus the good Doctor) until we’re done. We hope to get the house up on the market by the new year -so if you know of anyone who wants a mid-century ranch inside the beltline that continues to increase in value, look this way! 😉

Meanwhile, enjoy a little movie from Christmas past: Chardonnay DeTassels the Holiday.

Happy Chrismahannakwanzakah!
Lisa & Andrew

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