How to Shop for a New Leather Belt Without Knowing Anything About Leather

Have you confidently bought a leather belt from a department store only to realize within 3 years that same belt is disintegrating? What a shame. Some of my customers have admitted that in 3 short months their belts have torn apart under normal wear and tear.

This shouldn’t happen to you -ever again.

Fast Fashion
Because of the off-shoring and out-sourcing many of the famous designers have conducted in the past 20 years, we as society no longer no how to shop for clothes that will last. Let’s say you buy a t-shirt from a big box discount store, chances are you’ll wear it for a few months, wash it a few times and then realize it no longer looks good. Thread bare, sloppy, ill-fitting.

This is known as fast fashion.

Fast fashion also includes accessories that you buy with the little money you have to spend to look good at the office, including belts.

So, as far as famous designers are concerned, fast fashion isn’t supposed to last several seasons.

Caveat emptor: Bait & Switch
Many design houses and manufacturing facilities are glossing over quality with fancy terms hoping to dupe customer into buying again. This happens because chances are your parents shopped with them years ago and remember the quality that still remains in their closet today, looking great.

If your mom bought a Coach purse 20 years ago in NYC, you should be able to buy one with confidence, too. Right?

Not so fast.

Wait? Isn’t this article about belts?
Yes, it is. I just wanted to come full circle with purchase decisions that your parents, even grandparents made years ago and the stories they’ve regaled you with as a child.

Let’s talk about your grandfather’s belt.
Chances are he’s got only one in his closet that he wears daily. Echoes of his declarations “I don’t need any more! I can only wear one at a time!” stir snickers of children in the next room as grandma is trying to encourage him to expand his wardrobe. I know, I was one of them. Chances are he can tell you when he bought his belt, where it bought it, and how he’s worn it to see his favorite team play in the stadium.

I want you to have the same stories.

Genuine Leather Belt Irreparable after 3 years.
Genuine Leather particles sandwiched between layers of resin
The belt above is one that Andrew bought several years ago and is stamped with the term ‘genuine leather.’ He bought this belt by a major designer for $40 and wore it for less than 3 years.


Your belt should last you more than 100 years. Just ask your granddad.

Bogus Terms that Mean Anything But Leather
If there’s anything that chaps my hide more is using one word to falsely describe the true article. In this case, it’s leather.

Let me cut to the chase: the term you want to read is full grain. End of story.

Terms you never want to read are:

      • Genuine Leather (leather dust sandwiched in layers of resin)
      • Bonded Leather (sandwiched layers of resin)
      • Technology Leather (see man-made, PVC, vinyl)
      • Pleather  (PVC, vinyl)
      • Nuleather  (PVC, vinyl)
      • Vegan Leather (PVC, vinyl)
      • Naugahyde (PVC, vinyl)
      • Leather-like (PVC, vinyl)
      • Koskin (PVC, vinyl)
      • Leatherette (PVC, vinyl)
      • Birkibuc (vinyl and polyamide felt fibers)
      • Birko-Flor (vinyl and polyamide felt fibers)
      • Kydex (an acrylic-PVC alloy)
      • Rexine (mixture of cellulose nitrate plus other)
      • Presstoff (layered and treated paper pulp)
      • Ultrasuede (polyester, polyurethane)
      • Nusuede (polyester, polyurethane)
      • Faux-leather (self-explanatory)
      • Imitation leather (again, self-explanatory)
      • Man-made Leather (everything above; PVC, vinyl)

Fashion Faux Pas
So, how many times do you want to spend $35-$50 for a new faux-leather belt? Unless you’re a Boxtroll committed to his box, no matter how abused it is, you might want to reconsider your life’s choices.

I imagine you may want a couple of belts in your closet to switch things up -and who doesn’t? I’m just asking you to take some time to consider how often you’re willing to buy the same thing several times over just to keep your look fresh.

Now is the time to invest in your wardrobe.

Keeping it real. Here’s what you get with our full grained belts:

  • Custom designs: Bold or subtle
  • Several color options
  • Size option: Length and width
  • Buckle Choice: Swap out buckles to suit your mood with ease.

LSD-Belt-Men-duoLSD-Belt-Men-BrownWave1LSD-Belt-MarsalaWave-Web1LSD-Belt-BlackWave-Web1LSd-Belt-BlackWingtip-Web1Full Grain Leather Belts

Shop for your full grain leather belt today.

Contact us to help you craft the perfect belt for you -and you can keep your box, Eggs. 😉

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