I love making my customers happy.

Carla wanted to purchase my handcrafted leather wriststrap featuring my MarrakechCats in time for her travels to Asia.

The straps are absolutely gorgeous and I know will be so practical!

When I asked if she was taking more than one dSLR, she responded

I’m taking 2. One will be the day-to-day (which is the one I’m getting the strap for) and a backup camera just in case the main one acts up 🙂

To which I asked if she needed a quick release attachment to make it a faster switch, she responded with

YES! Thank you for thinking of everything!! 🙂

To my good fortune, the timing Gods were on my side -as I already had camera strap made- and her purchase was shipped that day


Anxiously, I watched the tracking on her camera wrist strap on my USPS iPhone app. Once arrived, I could breathe easily and then I received this note:

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my wrist straps! Beautiful leather, design works beautifully. Easy swap if you have two cameras and are using the quick release straps. And Lisa was an absolute pleasure to work with. I wanted to take these with me on a trip to China, I kept rushing her so I could have them on time, and she was nothing but accommodating and super helpful. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! ~Carla

We’re delighted Carla, that you can now concentrate on having fun in Asia. Send me a postcard!


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